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[100% Working] – How to Block Twitch Ads with Adblocker

Twitch is one of the most popular video-game streaming and watching platforms, but nowadays, it’s becoming very irritating for users due to many ads. Even though so many twitch Adblock Chrome extensions are available in the market, they have stopped working due to the recent update by Twitch. However, as in this article, you need not worry; we will share a working Twitch AdBlock extension – TwiBlocker.” So, let’s check out how to block ads on

How to block ads on Twitch with TwiBlocker

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Almost all the adblockers stopped working on, but TwiBlocker is still working and you need to follow these steps to use it:

  1. Install the Twitch Adblock extension from this link
  2. Pin the extension in the toolbar in the Chrome browser
  3. Turn on the extension
  4. Go to and play any streaming or video
  5. Done! Now get an ad-free experience.

Features of TwiBlocker Chrome Extension:

  1. Block all kinds of ads
  2. Automatically block ads
  3. Offers uninterrupted viewing experience
  4. Prevents pre-roll ads
  5. Improves video loading time

FAQs for Twitch Adblock Extension

  1. What is the TwiBlocker chrome extension?
    TwiBlocker is an extension for chrome that will block unwanted ads on
  2. Does the Twitch ad blocker block all ads?
    Yes, it blocks all ads, including pre and mid-roll ads.
  3. Is the AdBlock Chrome extension safe to use?
    It is 100% safe and does not collect/share personal information.
  4. Is it free to use?
    This extension is based on an open-source extension and it is entirely free.
  5. Why it requires multiple permissions?
    Don’t worry, this Adblock extension uses a different technique to block the ads and to block ads coming from multiple platforms that why it asks for permissions.

AdBlock for Twitch Details:

Category: Productivity
Total Users: 179,999
Number Of Reviews: 615
Version: 1.1.8
Updated On: 21/11/2022
Language: English

How to fix Twitch’s “Commercial break in progress or purple screen”?

We all know that after the recent update, users are getting the purple screen issue and almost all the extensions stopped working. But with the TwiAdblock extension, you can fix this issue. Follow the steps mentioned above to install the extension.

We hope users will now get an ad-free experience and if you think this post is helpful, do share it with other users too. Thanks for reading this post; we will be back we another exciting post soon.


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