How To Track Ajio Price History

Let’s be real! Saving money is a life skill, and who does it better than savvy shoppers? From jotting down the upcoming sale dates to using different kinds of extensions, saving money comes easy to them. In fact, you can even become a smart shopper just like them. Whenever you shop on popular websites like Ajio, you may observe price fluctuations on a product. This raises the question of how you know it is the right time to make a purchase. Well, the answer is an Ajio price tracker extension. With the help of this extension, you can check the price history of an Ajio product and purchase it when the price is at the lowest.

How to track AJIO price history

Who doesn’t love a good Ajio shopping spree, especially when there’s a sale on the site? But a small question arises in the back of your head: ” Is this sale legit?” Well, most sales may not really give you a deal on your favourite items. It may show up to 50% off, but the price difference may not be much. This is where the Real Price Tracker comes in. This price tracker extension will provide you with the product price history. You can then verify the previous price with that of the sale prices and see if this deal is worth spending your money on.

What makes Real Price Tracker different from others?

Although there are numerous extensions for price tracking, efficiency is a key factor that makes all the difference. For sure, no one wants to download an extension that promises you excellent features only to leave you disappointed. However, the Real Price Tracker extension is different, in a good way, of course!  This price tracker Chrome extension is a great choice in terms of efficacy and reliability. The following features are what sets it apart from others.

  • Free to use- Who doesn’t love a price tracker extension that is free to download and use? Yes, you read that right! No need for payments!
  • Price Graph- With the help of this free tool, you get a visual representation of the price data over a period of six months.
  • Toggle button- With an easy-to-use toggle button, you can enable or disable the extension accordingly without any hassle.
  • Browser compatibility- The Real Price Tracker extension is compatible with the Chrome browser on your laptops and PCs.
  • Lightweight- The Ajio Price tracker extension is safe to use and lightweight. It won’t slow down the system when in use.

How can you benefit from the Real Price Tracker extension?

The real Price Tracker extension is a lifesaver for all the shoppers looking for an escape from full-price products. If you are an Ajio shopper looking for ways to maximise your savings, get an Ajio Price Tracker extension. It will show you the Ajio price history graph and help you look for the perfect time to shop for an item.  Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy while using the Real Price Tracker extension.

  •  Get genuine deals: Are you sceptical about the sale prices? How do you know if you’re getting a good bargain or not? Well, the answer is simple! Use the Real price tracker and compare the sale prices to the previous rates and check for yourself.
  • Get max/min price: View the maximum and the minimum price of a product with Real Price Tracker. Click on the graph and see for yourself how the prices have fluctuated over the past six months along with their dates.
  • User-friendly interface: Unarguably, the best part of the Ajio price tracker Chrome extension is its simple user interface. This makes the extension user-friendly, easy to navigate and accessible to a wider range of audience.
  • Save money and time: With Real Price Tracker, you can maximise your savings and save time. If you were to track the product prices manually, you’d need to invest a lot of daily time to check for any price drops or sales.
  • Works on multiple sites: The extension works not just on Ajio but also on several other shopping websites. It works on 10+ popular e-commerce websites, including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa and others.

How to get the Real Price Tracker extension for your browser?

The Real Price Tracker extension is the shopping assistant you never knew you needed. If you have your eyes set on a particular product from Ajio, you can check the Ajio price history graph and determine the right time to purchase it. Be it an elegant pair of work trousers or a branded T-shirt, get your favourite items without paying the full price. To enjoy the full perks and benefits of online shopping, download this useful extension. To download the extension on your browser, visit the Chrome web store and follow these simple instructions.

  • Go to the Chrome web store and search for the “Real Price Tracker” extension.
  • Now click on the Add to Chrome button and wait for the extension to download.
  • Once the extension is downloaded, open the Ajio website.
  • Select and open a specific product page on Ajio
  • Click on the real price tracker extension right next to the address bar.
  • It will show you the Ajio price history graph.

Note: An extension can only be used on the PC or laptop and does not work on mobile phones without any add-ons

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Get ready to shop at the lowest prices on Ajio. With the help of the Ajio Price Tracker extension, you can save massively just by determining the right time to shop. This handle tool lets you view the price history in the form of a graph and works on several shopping websites. You can use this graph to look for details such as the highest price, lowest price, the dates, and a lot more. Visit the Chrome web store to download this extension to your browser. Once you download this price tracker extension, you can multiply your savings and take your online shopping experience to a whole other level.


Q1. What makes Real Price Tracker the best Ajio price tracker extension?

Ans. The Real Price Tracker extension is the best price tracker extension due to its incredible features. Its features, such as a smooth UI, browser compatibility, and free usage, make it a popular price tracker extension on the Chrome web store.

Q2.Is the Real Price Tracker extension free to use?

Ans. Yes, the extension is free to download and use.

Q3. Does the Real Price Tracker extension work on other websites?

Ans. Yes, Real price tracker can be used on 10+ E-commerce websites. This includes Ajio, Amazon, Croma, Firstcry, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Nykaa Fashion, Paytm Mall, Pepperfry, Reliance Digital, Shopclues, Snapdeal and Tata Cliq.


Q4. Who can use the Real Price Tracker extension?
Ans. The Real Price Tracker can be used by customers, marketing specialists and business owners. Business owners can use the extension to track their competitor’s pricing and match the product rates.

Q5. Is the Real Price Tracker extension safe to use?
Ans. Yes, the Real Price Tracker extension is safe to download and install into your browser. It is a reliable Ajio price history tracker with several users.

Q6. How is the Real Price Tracker Chrome extension beneficial to users?

Ans. The real price tracker extension helps users save money and time when shopping online. It also helps shoppers figure out genuine deals during the sale period.


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