Top 5 Screen Recorder Extension for Chrome

Loved a video on the internet and want to share it with your friends but can’t download it?  No big deal!  You can always screen-record it.  Whether it be a video, a photo that can’t be downloaded or anything that you are working on and want to capture for later. You don’t need any other camera or phone, just use the screen recorder extension for Chrome and make your work easy and fast. Record your entire screen and rewatch as many times as you want!

What are Screen Recorder extensions?

A Screen Recorder captures whatever is going on your screen and saves the recorded video to your gallery. It allows you to edit and share the video also.  This can be useful in various fields for future reference. To capture your move while playing a video game or to record your important class to watch it later, you can use these extensions. Make communication easy while teaching or giving a presentation, and present your recording for a clear and detailed explanation. These screen recorder Google Chrome extensions can be used on any web page you are working on.

Benefits of a screen recorder extension:

  • Saves video for future reference
  • Possible to make how-to guide videos
  • Ease in explaining problems and solutions
  • Captures the whole screen
  • Single click start and stop option

Don’t be confused about which screen recorder is safe and convenient to use. We have eased out your work and found the best screen recorder extensions to suit you.

 Top 5 Screen Recorder extensions for Chrome: 

S. No. Name
1 Real Screen Recorder
3 Vimeo Record
5 Awesome Screenshot


How to use a screen recorder Google Chrome extension?

  • Go to the Chrome web store and search for the screen recorder Google Chrome extension.
  • Install the extension by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Click on the screen recorder extension icon in the toolbar on the top right of your window.
  • Signup in the extension window.
  • Select the screen or tab you want to record.
  • Click on “start” to start recording.
  • Click stop when your recording is complete.

The video is automatically saved to the default downloads folder of your browser. You can easily edit and share the video now.

Top 5 screen recorder Chrome extensions

1. Real Screen Recorder Extension

The real screen recorder extension for Chrome records the screen and also your webcam with audio. It is a free Screen Recorder extension. The quality of the video recorded is high and can be recorded from a particular area of the page or the entire screen. Not only the system sound, but you can also record your voice and video. The real screen recorder extension makes it possible to record via the microphone and webcam, along with the system sound.

Features of the real screen recorder

  • Free to use
  • Screen plus webcam recording
  • No watermark
  • Easy to install and use
  • User’s data not shared with third parties

2. VMaker Screen Recorder Chrome Extension

VMaker is a free screen recorder extension. It is one of the best tab recorders and is available for both Mac and Windows OS. You can record as many videos as you want. The recorded videos are saved in a cloud database which you can access anywhere just by logging in. The free version of the VMaker screen recorder Google Chrome extension records upto 720-pixel quality videos. It also allows you to trim, rotate or resize your videos. Still, for those who need advanced editing options, there is a paid version of the extension available with more editing options.

Features of the VMaker screen recorder extension

  • Unlimited number of recordings
  • In-built video editor
  • Records tab audio
  • Single click sharing
  • Watermark free recording

3. Vimeo Record-Screen and Webcam Recorder

Vimeo is an innovative platform for video hosting, and as a viewer, you must know about the Vimeo Screen recorder extension for screen recording. You can easily record your video messages and share them within seconds, either privately or publicly, on your social channels. Vimeo screen recorder extension can record your screen with or without your webcam and mic. It creates a shareable link for your videos. You being the host, will be notified every time someone watches your video. Vimeo record extension has basic editing options and allows unlimited screen recordings.

Features of Vimeo screen recorder extension

  • Unlimited recordings
  • Video available as a link
  • Easy Social Sharing
  • Notifies when someone watches your video
  • In-Video comments

4.  Loom- Screen Recorder and Screen Capture

Joined by over 14 million people, Loom is widely used as a screen recorder extension, mostly by remote workers or freelancers. Record your videos and get a link instantly. You can easily share the link or download the video to your camera roll too. It records your camera, microphone and also the internal audio. Loom screen recorder extension records up to 4k HD quality and has editing options too. Moreover, it ensures that your data is safe and not shared with third parties.

Features of Loom screen recorder chrome extension

  • Screenshot function available
  • Unlimited video recordings allowed
  • Automatically saves videos to the cloud
  • Instant sharing of videos via link
  • Creates Folders

5. Awesome ChatGPT Screenshot & Screen Recorder

The Awesome screen recorder extension is the best screen recorder tool, loved by more than 3 million users across the globe. You don’t need any different extension for taking screenshots. It is used for both screen recording as well as screen capture. Its features are specifically designed for work and educational scenarios. You can either save videos to the cloud or your device as per your need. The extension does not share any type of data with third parties, so you don’t have to worry about your data safety. It also allows you to edit and share your videos socially via links.

Features of the Awesome screenshot and screen recorder extension

  • Allows to capture a selected part
  • No Watermark
  • No ads
  • Easy and instant sharing
  • Quick Customer Support

While surfing on the internet is increasing and becoming an essential part of our lives, such tools can ease the job for us. Easy screen recording of any web page, live video or any content we go through online can be done using these Screen recorder extensions. They also make it possible to share or download videos with a single click. These screen recorder extensions for Chrome ease screen recording and have brought a profound change in the trend of social sharing of videos. Make sure to pin the screen recorder extension for Chrome to your toolbar and start your journey with a single click.

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